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Body Scan Pre-Appointment Reminders

During your session you will complete a body composition scan and receive an analysis print out. 

Note: 5min scan appointments do not include evaluation and time with a dietitian. Please schedule a 30min nutrition consultation to review your results in detail. Book here

1. For best results these are the ideal (but not required) recommendations: 

  • Empty stomach or 3hrs fasted

  • Hydrate well 24-48hrs 

  • Avoid eating out the night prior (high salt, high carb foods)

  • Remove any extra jackets, jewelry and wear light clothing (i.e. workout clothes)

  • Measure before exercise

  • Measure after the bathroom

  • Not during menstruation

2. Suggested follow up every 4 weeks

3. Please download and set up the Body Scan Mediana iapp prior to your appointment. You will also get a hard copy print out.

  • Apple User App Here

  • Android Users App Here

  • Google Play App Here

Not recommended if pregnant or for people with a pacemaker.

Learn more here.

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