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Nutritional Counseling
Helping you improve your health through weight management

Body Measurements

Let's Talk About It

Talking weight loss and weight management can be a sensitive issue. Scales can be deceiving, fad diets are unsustainable and can create a negative relationship towards food, and then you end up back at the start of a vicious cycle. 

Everyone has a different path to improved health. We want to help you  improve your mood, self confidence, energy, productivity, and reduce your risk for disease so you can enjoy your life now and in the future. 


Contact us today to let us help you create an individualized nutrition plan to meet your needs, goals, and improve your health. 

Check out our local community partner Foodies in Texas to learn how you can have simple, healthy, and delicious meals made just for you!

We work with your insurance to help determine your coverage for nutritional counseling as a preventative service to help you take steps towards a healthier life now and for your future!  

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