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Does my insurance cover nutritional counseling?

Most of our patients pay $0 out of pocket!

Enter your insurance details below to see if you're covered.

Fill out your Insurance Information

Any quotes on benefits from us and your insurance provider are not a guarantee of insurance payment— unpaid claims are the patient's responsibility. 

In rare cases, you might have a small copay or coinsurance, in which the patient will be responsible

for those fees. If your insurance denies payment or your claim goes to a deductible, we will

reach out to you personally to determine payment options and plan for if you wish

to continue for future sessions.

**Medicare only covers patients diagnosed with diabetes or chronic kidney disease**

We accept insurance in the following states as virtual patients:

Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, and Virginia. 

Don't miss out on taking this opportunity that will help you feel better and add years to your life!


Are you a physician's office?

Contact us here to learn how we can improve patient outcomes together!

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