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Schedule a Body Composition Analysis with one of our dietitian nutritionists today!

What Is Body Composition?

Disclaimer: The scale and body composition measurements are great tools but are not for everyone.

We also support individualized non-diet and non-scale victory approaches to help heal relationships with food, and body image and create lasting sustainable change. 

Body composition is a term that describes the percentage of fat and muscle in your body.

Assessing your personal goals and monitoring specific values, such as body fat percentage, and lean muscle pass, provides valuable information that we use to adjust your nutritional plan


Learn more about body composition analysis here

What does a Body Composition

analysis Include?


1) Body Composition Breakdown and Review 2) Measurements 3) *Progress Photos

You can complete all three or pick what you are most comfortable with.

*These are optional during your initial session and at follow-up as discussed with your dietitian

All body composition analysis sessions will include a 30-60 min of a nutritional counseling visit with us. 

A one-time FREE comprehensive InBody 570 scan will be included as part of your nutritional counseling session and is available at our Prosper location in partnership with Sanctum CrossFit. Additional follow-up scans can be purchased here.

Scans at all other locations (Frisco office) are FREE as part of your nutritional counseling session(s) and are unlimited.

Learn more about how to prepare for a body composition scan here.

Why not use a traditional scale?


A traditional scale doesn't paint an accurate picture of your progress as you work out. In the initial weeks or even months of working out, you might be building muscle at a rate equal to the rate at which you are burning fat. The result can be little or no change on the scale but in reality, you are making a material change in your health and overall level of fitness.

Check out our recommended home body composition scale here.

Helpful Apps, supplements, measurement tools, and more HERE.

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