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Personal Training

Personal training is more than just one on one training with a certified personal trainer. It's a personalized fitness plan, individual motivation, and your own healthy coach that can help you reach your goals. Hiring a personal trainer is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your performance, and health. 

Sessions are 60 or 30 minutes in length. 

Pricing and packages vary on your individual needs and goals.

Group Training

Grab a friend and get ready to have some fun and be challenged! 
Group fitness can be with a partner, small group, or through a worksite wellness program or special event. 

Group training provides the feel of personal training at a discounted price! Additionally, having a partner will help hold you accountable and stay motivated! Need a partner? No problem! (Pending schedules and availability). 

DIY Fitness Plan

DIY = Do It Yourself Fitness Plan

Do you have the basic knowledge to workout on your ow? Or perhaps your schedule simply makes it nearly impossible to keep up with a fitness routine. Let us help you create a DIY Fitness Plan. This plan includes a workout template to follow based on your needs and goals. Plans can be tailored to the workouts you enjoy, the equipment you have access to, and a coach that is here to help keep you motivated along the way. No excuses to put it off any longer. Get started today! 

Other Services

Expedite your goals, by including a fitness assessment into your plan. 

Starting can be scary, but remember we all start somewhere! A complete fitness assessment will take at look at our starting point so we can measure our progress as it relates to your personal fitness and wellness goals.

Fitness assessments are based on your individual goals. Typically a fitness assessment focuses on numbers and data so tracking success can be measured. A fitness assessment session typically lasts 30-45minutes, and can include measurements such as pounds of lean muscle mass, fat mass, body measurements, and physical baseline testing (strength, cardio, flexibility). 

Fitness assessments packages include an initial assessment, plus additional follow ups and measurements. Packages are based on your needs but typically are 3, 6, 9 months in duration. Ask about combing nutrition and fitness packages!

Fitness Resources

Looking for some FREE and helpful fitness resources to get started right away?

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