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Movement, Mood & Food Experts

We help those struggling with depression and anxiety make sustainable changes that help you feel healthy and happy for the long haul!

Laughing Yoga

Lacking Motivation?
Feeling Down in the Dumps?
You Are Ready for Change but Know How or Where to Start?

A proper diet and movement helps improve your memory, increase energy, and reduce depression and anxiety. 

Now more than ever is the time to work on improving your mental and physical well being. Book an appointment with us so we can help you start off with small manageable steps to help improve your mood and overall health. 


​Learn more about the relationship between mood and food.

How to be healthful and happy in 2021

It Takes Guts: How Your Gut Impacts Your Mood

Check out our local community partner Foodies in Texas to learn how you can have simple, healthy, and delicious meals made just for you!​

You might be eligible for preventative nutritional counseling through your insurance provider (often at no cost)

Contact us or book an appointment to find out. 

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