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A Preventative Approach To A Healthier You!

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Nutritional Counseling

Marley Nutrition and Fitness is your one stop shop to improve your health.

We will help you create sustainable behavior change towards long lasting healthy habits.


Client Reviews

"I can’t thank Marley enough for her support in getting me back on track. She looked at all the supplements, medications, and blood work I had been doing and broke it down for a personalized game plan."

"Marley helped me to gain a fresh perspective on positive eating habits that are easily sustainable. She has great ideas on the best foods to eat that helped me to perform better in the gym, and increase energy without expensive supplements."

"She's helped me change my life for the better! With her great attention to detail, my weight has dropped around 25lbs since the start and I'm feeling better than ever!"

"I started seeing her online, because of Covid, and I honestly did not have much faith in me or that seeing a nutritionist would work. Well, here I am 15 inches thinner writing a review!"

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Learn how to use your insurance benefits for nutritional counseling at no cost to you!

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